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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to All Your Inquiries

How is Pelletier Brothers Home Improvement different from its competitors?

Both Ethan and Dean Pelletier were born and raised in a small town in Maine. We have gained our sense of community, friendship, and family from that experience. That being said, working with us almost certainly will end in a lasting relationship. We will always guide you into the direction that most benefits your project. We pride ourselves in our work ethic, our cleanliness, and our professionalism on, and off, the jobsite. 

Do you provide emergency service?

We do provide storm damage emergency services as well as interior emergency services in the case of fires, pipe bursts, or for any other reason. Due to the nature of these services and the need to "drop everything" they do experience an up charge. 

What are your financing options?

At Pelletier Brothers Home Improvement we do not offer financing options. We have, in the past, worked with local banks to help our costumers see their visions come to fruition. Working with the banks does add slightly more paperwork to our plate and so it is asked that we be informed prior to quoting the job that this would be the financing route.

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